I don know how to understand that he not trying to hurt me or

What can I do to get over this? I scared this is going to hurt my marriage. I don know how to understand that he not trying to hurt me or bash my feelings and opinions. I need to learn how to understand that neither my husband nor the world is out to get me..

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pandora essence The annual incidence of spontaneous vertebral artery dissection is estimated at 1 1.5 per 100000 per year.15 Less common causes include vasculitis and dolichoectasia (elongation and tortuosity) of the vertebral and basilar arteries. In younger people, dolichoectasia may be a clue to Fabry’s disease, a rare X linked inherited multisystem lysosomal storage disorder.16What are the clinical symptoms and signs of posterior circulation ischaemia? Posterior circulation ischaemia can be challenging to recognise, particularly in patients with a TIA, which may have resolved by the time of presentation. However, there are some characteristic clinical patterns (box 1).Box 1: Common symptoms seen in posterior circulation ischaemiaMotor deficits (weakness, clumsiness, or paralysis of any combination of arms and legs, up to quadriplegia https://www.pandoratopp.com/, sometimes changing from one side to another in different attacks)17″Crossed” syndromes, consisting of ipsilateral cranial nerve dysfunction and contralateral long motor or sensory tract dysfunction are highly characteristic of posterior circulation stroke18 pandora essence.