Every Dell laptop with wireless comes with the Dell Wireless

Change the setting for the wireless to “Disabled” or “Off https://www.jewelrymqsn.top/,” save your changes and then exit the BIOS setup. Your computer will restart without access to its wireless card.If you are not comfortable entering the system BIOS settings or if you need to toggle the state of your wireless card faster, you can try using the Dell Wireless Utility.Every Dell laptop with wireless comes with the Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility program. This utility is accessible by clicking the Windows “Start” button and then clicking “All Programs.” Browse to the Dell program groups and select “Dell Wireless” and then “Dell Wireless WLAN Utility.” This utility can be used to turn off the wireless card on a Dell laptop.When the program starts, uncheck the “Enable Radio” checkbox.Depending on which version of the Dell Wireless WLAN Utility your computer has, you may need to right click the Dell Wireless Utility tray icon and select “Disable Radio” from the menu.Just in case neither of the first two methods appeal to you, there is one more method to turn off the wireless card on a Dell laptop: the hotkey.Using the Dell Keyboard to Turn off the Wireless Card on a Dell LaptopDell laptops come with a hotkey that will toggle the wireless card between “Enabled” and “Disabled.” On most models, it is done by pressing the key.

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