The invocation emphasised the strengths of the Jaipur gharana

He stated that improving tax collection in villages would be possible only when people were given confidence that the revenue would ultimately be spent on them alone. Steps would be taken to keep the details of works being implemented in the village, funds received from the government and tax collected in the public domain, Mr. Rama Rao said, adding that the government was also examining setting up special tribunal and ombudsman for panchayat secretaries and sarpanches..

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pandora rings He went on to present the Shiva Stuti pandora jewellery, Nagendra Haaraaya, in this evocative manner, where just one mudra or hand gesture conveyed so much. It ended with a full blown tatkaar rhythm as a veera Siva in teen taal. The invocation emphasised the strengths of the Jaipur gharana to which Pt. pandora rings

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